Here’s what some of Mel’s happy mums are saying about her support and about hypnobirthing

Mel’s hypnobirthing class was amazing my husband & I participated in the class in preparation for our 2nd birth. We felt much more prepared this time & wished we had done it before our 1st was born.
My husband was reluctant to attend at first but was glad that we did because it was very informative of our rights and options during labour and gave us more confidence.
The relaxation techniques Mel teaches and the hypnobirthing tracks are fantastic & I still use them regularly!!!
We completed the hynobirthing classes with Mel when I was in my third trimester as I was feeling somewhat anxious and unprepared for labour. When I first saw this course advertised, I thought it was about water birthing, but I was way off! I would describe it as a course that gives you and your partner more information about what happens during pregnancy and labour, along with a variety of strategies that you can both use leading up to, during and after the birth.

Mel makes herself available outside of the course which I found great, particularly when my due date came and went. While I ended up being induced, I was still able to use many of the strategies and when interventions were needed to help my baby arrive safely, I had a good understanding of what was involved. The course also gave my partner the confidence to ask questions of the midwives during labour, and listening to their answers was really reassuring for me. I also used some of the strategies in the first few days after I gave birth to help me relax and get some much-needed rest!

I wasn’t just scared of labour, I was scared of everything to do with pregnancy! It was like, as soon as I became pregnant; anything that could ever maybe go wrong in my pregnancy or labour, was a very VERY real possibility and it was definitely going to happen to me! I was very anxious about the whole thing really.

I had heard about hypnobirthing via the hospital and decided to do a bit of research into it, and that’s how we came across Mel. Something about her stood out for me, and after some very warm e-mail exchanges, we organised to meet up and have our first session. My partner and I were a little sceptical! (As you would be, hypnobirthing sounds so… I dunno! Out there) but we were very open… and with Mel’s big smile when she opened the door, we knew we had made the right decision. Not once did we feel awkward throughout our sessions… and as soon as we left the first one, I felt excited.

The way that hypnobirthing incorporates your partner into the picture is such a beautiful concept. It made me feel like I wasn’t going into the labour alone, but that we would both be not only experiencing it, but completely in it together. My partner also felt relief in knowing that he could confidently make educated decisions on my behalf, if things were to go a little off the plan, which let’s be honest, most births do! We quickly found ourselves really looking forward to each class! Yep, that’s right! Even my partner! The tracks became a staple for every good night’s sleep. I barely got a wink before them… and slowly, my anxiety around pregnancy and birth dwindled. I couldn’t really explain it. It just worked for us… and I became not only content with the thought of facing labour, but actually pumped to absolutely smash it out of the ball park! That’s right, I was actually EXCITED for my birth! I know this sounds almost too good to be true, right? WRONG. If you commit to these classes and keep an open mind, there is no way that you will walk away without gaining something.

Our birth didn’t go to plan- shock! We were overdue and went in to get induced. I wasn’t worried though…maybe a little nervous? Like, excited nervous, but calm. It was intense, but the tracks were playing, and the room was beautifully set up, and I found myself focussed and calm. I’m not saying it was easy, but I feel that the hypno did its job. My partner was a great support, and although not everything went the way we had wanted it to… we walked out of there using no pain relief throughout the labour, and were very content and proud of what we had achieved.

Mel is so professional and warm, she supported us so well throughout the whole thing. We knew we could call her at any time throughout the pregnancy and she was willing to help and answer any concerns or questions we may have had. The fact that she is a registered midwife really helped us to feel at ease, as we knew that if she was confident in hypno (and she would know), we could be too. It wasn’t all serious and we had some giggles and chats throughout the classes too, and we found that we really missed them once they were over.

Doing these classes with Mel really changed my whole birthing experience. I honestly don’t know what we would have done without them, or how our birth would have gone, but I couldn’t recommend it enough. I have told all of my friends about it, and intend to do a refresher for our next bub!

We attended Mel’s hypnobirthing classes at around half way through my first pregnancy.

Mel is extremely informative and approachable and presents the content in an easy to understand manner.

The course provided both my husband and I with knowledge and skills to understand and manage our birth. It gave us empowerment to use these to have a positive and calm experience.

Our birth experience was amazing, it really was the most magical day of our life. It left us feeling energised, euphoric, proud and amazed!
Thank you Mel for helping us to make the best day of our life so memorable…we can’t wait to do it all again!

Dear Mel

I just want to say a huge thank you for your support during both my first labour and second pregnancy. I was only sad that I wasn’t in the same state for our labour with our second, but I really wanted to thank you for your support from afar.

As you know, I had a successful VBAC for our second child, Callum. I honestly think that most of this was down to your support and the relaxation techniques that I learnt through Hypnobirthing. I slept so well during this pregnancy due to the relaxation tracks, I was constantly falling asleep during them and the nights that I did not listen to them, I tended to have a worse night’s sleep!

As for the labour, I had actually attended the hospital as I had some unusual contractions and strange bleeding (which of course stopped the moment that we got to the hospital), however they wanted us to stay to monitor the bleeding overnight, so we somewhat reluctantly had a shower and jumped into the hospital bed. I put my relaxation track on “Rainbow Mist” and not 5 minutes into the track, I felt a ‘pop’ and flooded the bed – my waters had broken! I was in a bit of shock as I was expecting just to have a sleep and go home in the morning! I did listen to my tracks for a while, but as I was required to be on the trace for bubby, I wasn’t able to have a shower or walk around, so I was relying on my relaxation tracks solely.

In the end, for the labour I did have an epidural. I believe this is mostly due to being a VBAC – due to the monitoring it didn’t create the ideal environment for a total hypnobirthing experience, however, I was pleased to know that bubby was ok and due to his size, he did get a bit distressed at the end when making the final move, so it was good to be keeping an eye on him. My husband was also an amazing support, we had written a birth plan together and discussed everything that might come up, I trusted him implicitly, which was a huge comfort.

The hypno techniques were definitely a major contributor to my calm state during my labour. My affirmations of “My baby is the perfect size for my body” definitely helped me to get a 4.2kg (9lb 6oz) baby out and “I trust my body to birth my baby” definitely helped me stay calm in those moments that I was concerned that my uterus might rupture along my caesar scar. I think that if a control freak like myself can overcome those worries with these techniques, it is truly a brilliant tool!

Thanks again, I wish you the best with your new business venture, if my story is anything to go by, you will be an amazing support to so many women!